What Kind of Wheels Are Best for My Truck? Part Three

In our last two blogs we covered the basics of how tires and wheels for trucks are built, and what important information you need to know before ordering new rims and tires for your truck. We also covered how to best match up the right tires and wheels for your truck based on what you use your truck for. This time we will go over some more types of trucks and how to get the right wheel and tire combinations for them. When you’re ready to get new tires and wheels, check out the Rims Plus online wheel and tire store. We carry the best brands at the best prices. Our customer service will work tirelessly to make sure that you’re happy with your purchases because we want you to be satisfied and comfortable with what you’ve bought from us. Shop with us today!

Off-Roading Trucks

If you spend your free time up in the mountains or mudding around the plains or swamps, you’ll need tires and wheels that can handle the extra stresses that mud and rock can put on your vehicle’s contact points with the terrain. Steel wheels are a must, not only because of their unparalleled strength but because they also offer protection from many of the environmental hazards that are legion when you’re rock-crawling, mudding, or off-roading. In terms of tires, there are tons of choices that are great fits for very specific applications. Whether you’re looking for some tires that will help you go from the street to job sites that are off the beaten path or you need tires for rock-crawling or serious mudding and offroading, we probably have what you need. Browse through our selection of wheels and tires to find the right choices for your off-roading truck.

Racing Trucks

If you’re a truck owner who has high octane gasoline in your veins, you’ve probably built a racing truck or two in your time and you know exactly how important it is to have the right wheels and tires on your truck. Wheel material can be a difficult decision when it comes to a racing truck. While it’s important to shave off any unnecessary weight, you also need wheels that are strong enough to handle high speeds, high torque, and high temperatures. Weigh the pros and cons of steel wheels and aluminum alloy wheels until you find a solution that works best for you.

When you’re drag racing a truck you want the best slicks you can find in order to provide the most surface-area contact with the road. Surface-area contact helps your truck keep its traction in ways that treaded-tires just can’t do. Increased traction means more control over the vehicle as it accelerates forwards which helps you to gain ground more quickly to win your race. If you’re doing off-road racing, you will want tires that don’t slow you down too much but that also have the ideal tread patterns to help you get over obstacles or through mud, water, or over rock.

Street Truck

If your truck is going to spend the vast majority of its time on the street, you have a lot of options. You could decide to go with whatever kind of wheels you want because you won’t have to worry as much about strength as you would if you were taking the truck off-roading or racing. If you plan on putting your truck into some truck shows, find some flashy wheels that you like. For tires, you can choose from almost any of the tires that we sell but there are some drawbacks to putting slicks or off-road tires on your truck if you’re going to be on the road most of the time. Off-road tires will be loud, they won’t give you the most comfortable ride, and they’ll wear out more quickly than other kinds of tires. Racing slicks will wear out even more quickly and they won’t provide you with good traction in the event of bad weather. Slicks also don’t help your truck stop quickly in case you have to jump on the breaks. We usually recommend all-season tires for street trucks. All-seasons are great, year-round tires that will be comfortable and quiet but also give you a little extra traction if the area you live in has snow or rain throughout the year.

As you can see, finding tires and wheels for your truck depends upon a ton of variables. If you need help figuring out what rims and tires are going to work best for your truck, contact our customer service department. They possess a wide amount of knowledge that they can use to point you in the right direction. Remember to shop with Rims Plus for one of the largest selections of tires and wheels for trucks, SUVs, and cars available online.